WSHJA National Finals Event Scholarships

A limited number of competition scholarships (up to a maximum total of $10,000 annually) are available to qualifying WSHJA Regular Members in order to provide assistance for those competing in National Finals events (see list below).

National Finals event scholarships are awarded to riders who have competed in out-of-state finals only. Riders competing in a second final can qualify for a greater award, but the 2nd final must be in a state different than the 1st final. Awards are S750 for the 1st final and $1000 for the 2nd final. Awards are generally paid at the Annual Awards Banquet in January.

2009 Scholarship Receipients

Congratulations to the 2011 WSHJA out-of-state finals Scholarship
grantees!  Photo courtesy Jay Goss Photography.

To Qualify for a Scholarship:

  • Applicant must show in at least two USEF rates shows in Washington State before leaving to attend out-of-state finals.
  • Applicant must be a current Washington Slate resident and WSHJA member in good standing.
  • Applicant intending to apply for funding is required to volunteer a minimum of ten (10) hours for WSHJA during the show year.
  • Each applicant applying for funding must show at the N.W. Autumn Classic horse show and participate in any corresponding local Final to which they wish to compete in the National Final, with the exception of those qualified for the USEF Talent Search Finals or any Final held during the same week as the NW Autumn Classic Horse Show.
  • Should applicant compete in more than one Final at the same competition, the applicant may only apply for one Final at the competition

Application Process

  • Applicant submits in writing to the WSHJA Member Services Chair their request to receive funding prior to the day of the final or NO LATER THAN November 30th.
  • Applicant to include a list of their volunteer activities and hours.
  • Applicant sends proof of competition in the final or show that every attempt was made to show in the final class they qualified.
  • Application Form

Application Deadline:  Prior to the Day of the Final or no later than November 30th.

Scholarship Recipient Obligations

Scholarship recipients are requested to attend the WSHJA Annual Awards Banquet (usually held in January each year) to thank the membership and to have an opportunity to communicate what the scholarship meant to them.

Qualifying National Finals Events

The following National Finals qualify for finals scholarships:

  • Pessoa USEF Hunter Seat Medal Final
  • USEF Pony Equitation Medal Final
  • USEF Adult Amateur Zone 8,9,10 Regional Medal Final
  • USEF Junior Zone 8,9,10 Regional Medal Final
  • USET Talent Search
  • ASPCA/Maclay Final
  • Ariat Adult Medal Final
  • Taylor Harris Insurance Services National Children’s Medal Final
  • Washington International Junior Equitation Final
  • Washington International Pony Equitation Final
  • USEF National Junior Jumper Championship
  • USEF Pony Jumper Final
  • National Horseshow Children's Jumper Championship
  • National Horseshow Adult Amateur Jumper Championship
  • USHJA Child/Adult Regional Jumper Championship
  • North American Young Rider Championship
  • USEF Pony Hunter Finals
  • USEF Junior Hunter National Championship - East and West
  • WCHR Finals
  • USEF Junior Hunter National Championships - East and West
  • USHJA Child/Adult Regional Hunter Championships

Emerging Athletes Program Scholarship

Washington State resident Members in good standing, who qualify and participate in the USHJA Emerging Athlete Program will receive funding as follows: $500 for Regional Training Level I and $750 for National Training Level participation. Applicant must submit, in writing, to the Secretary of the WSHJA, their request to receive funding prior to December 30. These funds are separate from the Finals allocation and will be disbursed from the General Fund with a limit of $4000.00. Scholarship is paid to applicant after applicant has shown proof of participation in each Training Session.

The applicant intending to apply for funding volunteer a minimum of ten (10) hours for WSHJA during the show year.

Educational Scholarships


Educational scholarships shall be awarded to attend clinics, seminars, or classes related to improving performance or increasing education in equine care, maintenance, or training for participation in the hunter/jumper community. They will be awarded in the amount of $750.00 to one junior and one amateur each year.


Applicants must be resident of Washington State and member in good standing of WSHJA. Applicants are not eligible for an educational scholarship if they have received funding from the Washington State Finals Scholarships or the Emerging Athletes Program Scholarships. Applicant must complete a minimum of five (5) volunteer hours with WSHJA during the show year in order to be eligible. The applicant must submit, in writing, their request for an Educational Scholarship to the Secretary of WSHJA NO LATER THAN November 30th. Applicant will include a list of his or her volunteer activities and hours.

Process and Operation

At the Annual Meeting the Educational Scholarship recipients names WILL BE SELECTED BY A RANDOM DRAWING from among qualified applicants, one for a junior and one for an amateur. An alternate name will be drawn in each category in the event scholarship winner is unable or chooses not to participate. The Executive Board and/or an Executive Board officer must approve the educational opportunity selected and will arrange payment and/or reimbursement. The board may adjust scholarship amount if the financial status of the Association warrants.

1.20m Championship Team

In order to be eligible for the WSHJA 1.20 Championship Team, riders must:

a) be current WSHJA members based on the by-laws

b) have participated in a minimum of one (1) WSHJA show in a 1.20 class (Jr or Am)

c) riders must be WA state residents

Riders with the top points by August 15th of the competition year will be contacted by the WSHJA Jumper rep to determine interest. Two Junior and Two Adult riders will be selected. If there are not 2 in each category, a Junior or Adult may fill in for the missing rider (ie: 3 Juniors, 1 Adult). Chef de Equipe will be chosen by the WSHJA Jumper Rep - the candidates being the coaches of the current riders.

The WSHJA Team will represent the WSHJA in hanging WSHJA material on site at the show and making any advertising materials available (fliers, etc that the WSHJA may send down).

Any Team members interested in sponsorships through the WSHJA need to volunteer for ten (10) hours for the WSHJA and submit their written request to the WSHJA secretary per sponsorship requirements listed in the by-laws.